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Adventurer - Malta & Goza Diving Center

Adventurer Welcome to Malta to our diving centre in Bugibba. The diving centre is opened all year round. We assist in the selection of accommodation and organization of travel to Malta. We have prepared for you pricing information on individuals and groups including both diving, accommodation and access to Malta. Malta is a small island country situated in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea about 90 km south of Sicily. Malta, together with the islands of Gozo and Comino forms a picturesque archipelago, around which there is a wide variety of dive sites. Our diving base created by Jack, Romek, Mirek and Paulina with pleasure will guide you through the local attractions underwater. Underwater wrecks waiting, including many prepared and sunk especially for divers. Interestingly, limestone rock formations - huge boulders, rock arches, caves and caverns attract incredible magnetism. Malta also fascinated by the surface. Her charming towns special Valletta and Mdina are full of historic churches, cathedrals, castles and forts. Present meets here with 5,000 years of European history of cultural influences Phoenician, Roman, Arabic and of the Christian. .

Shore diving

Nurkowenie z Brzegu

Malta is an ideal place for diving. Around it is a lot of well-described and prepared diving sites ....


Diving from the boat


Normally on dives we get cars and moving around the island. Since not all interesting dive ...


Diving from the boat


Malta is the perfect destination for technical divers. Both of these experienced.....


Intro diving


Would you like to see for yourself the wonderful world of the Mediterranean, which so far only watched.....



Staff in our database are experienced divers who know nooks and wrecks Malta. The high powers still improved qualifications guarantee safety, interesting dive sites and the highest standard of training.



Master Instructor PADI (# 615976) has a lot of experience, 20 years in all diving Sea World is one of the oldest PADI instructors in Poland, trained about 2 thousand. young divers.



Staff Instructor PADI (# 646230) Our thanks to the sun, which every dive is unique and full of impressions. Perfectly in touch with people who begin the adventure of diving.


Malta & Gozo

Malta is an island located 90 km south of Sicily. A perfect place for divers and beyond. Excellent access to dive sites from the shore, wrecks, caves and rock formations and underwater life seems to be waiting just for our visit.   On the occasion of 5,000 years of history left to land a lot of interesting places to visit. Therefore, Malta is a place still surprising its diversity and which should return again and





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